Your Wealth Corporation is a boutique financial services business focussed on assisting its clients in the areas of accounting, investments, insurance and superannuation.

Whilst each of these areas is important in itself, we have the specialists available whose job it is to:

  • Work together,
  • Implement a plan, and
  • Focus on you

to help you achieve your financial goals.

Let’s have a look at these areas in more detail.

Accounting is not just about preparing financial statements and income tax returns. That is the end result of the process, but by no means what accounting is.

Accounting is planning. It is structuring, it is protecting, it is budgeting and it is very important.

At Your Wealth Corporation, we do not want to see you only at the end of the year when you bring your file to us. We want to see you at the beginning of the year. We want to see you when you have a decision to make and you need our advice.

We want to help you achieve your business goals. We are business people ourselves and we have big goals – but we will only achieve our goals if we help you achieve yours.

Yes, we will do your BAS. We will do your company, trust, SMSF and individual tax return. We will prepare your financial statements and give them to you in a nice shiny folder, but that only tells us what has happened. It is important information and we need it to be able to assess how the plan is going, but it is only a small part of what we will do for you.

The ordinary performed consistently produces the extraordinary. This statement is especially true when it comes to your investments.

You may not have the resources to purchase the assets you desire outright, but you can put in place a plan, start small and work towards building the asset base step by step.
The advisors at Your Wealth Corporation are able to advise on all aspects of the investment framework.

Together we can work out what you need your investments to provide for you, the level of the investment required and how we are going to get there.

You can’t afford to have it but you can’t afford not to have it. Yes, insurance is one of those necessary evils of life.
Your Wealth Corporation has specialist advisers whose role it is to assess your needs and appropriately advise on the amount and ownership of your insurance cover.

Giving advice about insurance is not something to be taken lightly. Our advice is based on your:

  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Health
  • Dependants
  • Plans

Once we have this information, we will advise you on what cover you need, how much of it you need and by whom it should be owned.
Hopefully you will then get on with life, knowing you and your family are protected, and never need to count on the insurance. That’s the best case scenario. Let’s not consider the worst…

Superannuation is something you should be excited about and want to grow to become your single largest asset.
It is an asset that you have the benefit of accumulating over your entire working life, and for most people, it accumulates by default.

The problem we see all too often is that people don’t care about what they have, or what is possible. They treat it as something which they don’t need for possibly 40 years and do not have any consideration for it right now. This argument is further strengthened by the fact that 1 in 2 Australians has an average of $4,940.00 in the lost super fund.
Become a client of Your Wealth Corporation and we will treat your super with the respect it deserves. We will:

  • reunite you with your super,
  • engage you with your super, and
  • empower you with the possibilities of your super.

Our SMSF specialist advisors can advise you in all aspects of the benefits of a SMSF. Whether it’s the establishment of the SMSF, borrowing to invest in property or investing in a portfolio of blue chip shares, we can help.