"Like most people, for years I have watched my retail superannuation fund achieve close to nothing. After talking to Jace Cosgrove, I now have a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund established, have full control over my investments, and happy to say that I am finally watching my superannuation achieve! Thank you Jace, for your continuous help in regards to my finances.

Gay - (One Happy Super “Guru”)

"Jace has done a fantastic job managing and guiding us through our self-managed super. He’s efficient, trustworthy and – best of all – extremely patient explaining all the money gibberish to non-financial types like us!

Tom & Felicity

"A big thanks for your guidance on rolling over my superannuation into a Self Manged Fund 5 years ago along with the Early Termination payment. I thought that being introduced to the world of Grandkids was the only benefit of reaching 60. I now appreciate that whilst I’m still not fully retired ( 3 days work supplemented with midweek golf ) paying Tax is no longer a burden, in fact it’s damn near optional! First, I contribute $50,000 of my $80,000 income as salary sacrafice into my Super Fund which pays 15% contributions tax as opposed to me paying a marginal rate of 46%. Next, beacause I have converted my Super Fund into an Alloacted Pension ( as you advised me to do so) I draw a Tax Free pension from the fund. Additionally, because my Super Fund is in “Pension Mode” all of the income earned by the Fund Investments is Tax Free. And here’s more! To top it off, the Tax Man graciously sends a cheque to my Super Fund for the imputation Credits attributable to shareholding owned by the Fund, which of course adds further income into my Super Fund which as I mentioned above is Tax Free. Fair Dinkum, if you hadn’t convinced me it was legal, I’d be thinking we were doing something shonky. Again, Jace, thanks heaps.


"In December 2009 I chose to turn my Superannuation into a Self Managed Super Fund, I was recommended to speak to Jace Cosgrove of LTG GoldRock Financial Services, from the first phone call to the day the SMSF was up and running nothing was a problem. The team at LTG GoldRock Financial Services, I would highly recommend anyone to use their services, to Jace and his team – Thank you and wish you all the very best. Kind Regards,

Rodney Theo

For anyone who’s unsure about starting a SMSF – I can highly recommend Jace Cosgrove and his team. Starting ours two years ago was the best move my wife and I could have made. While all the other super funds out there were losing money, our SMSF posted a $14k profit last financial year. Jace is fantastic to deal with and I highly recommend you speak to him as soon as possible to free yourself from the knuckleheads in charge of your future. Please feel free to use that as a testimonial.

Ben Thomas